Software Support and Help
Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to pay every year for the software?
For offline version, you can pay one-time license fees which will not include support and upgrades. If you need support and upgrades then you will have to pay every year. For online version, you will have to pay every year or every month depending on type of subscription.

Do you have online web-based version?
Yes, you can sign up for web version and see how it works.

Can I use it from multiple computers?
Yes, the offline version can be used from multiple computers in local network. The online version like any other cloud software works from anywhere with Internet access.

How do you provide technical support?
We provide technical support by email and remote desktop sessions in case personal assistance is needed.

Can I import my data in the software?
Yes, you can import your items, customer information etc. from excel spreadsheet in CraveInvoice software.