CraveInvoice offline version updates

Update history

CraveInvoice PATCHES as of 5th Dec. 2022
1. Cost center selection added on credit note and debit notes delivery note,stock receipts.
2. Einvoice and eway bill direct upload functionality added
3. Purchase RCM analysis report added
4. Sales order stock allocation reports added
5. Multiple stock receipts option added on Purchase journal
6. Option added to turn on/off the round off field in Purchase journal
7. Report added - Item sales list with unit and total quantity
8. Report added - Stock in hand with unit qty
9. Report added - All suppliers due statement by date
10. Batchwise production entry tracking option added with waste and reuse quantity
11. Credit and debit note Einvoice upload option added
12. Export invoice einvoice upload option added
13. Visitor Management module added
14. Option added on user manager to mention photo and signature of the user

CraveInvoice - 6th March 2022
1. Added SAC and material value in item form.
2. Added option of specifying material value on delivery note.
3. Bug Fix: TDS calculation errors in certain cases in invoice and purchase journal.
4. Added option to specify pending opening balance on invoice print.
5. Indent form - added option to show item popup by typing directly in item line.
6. Stock receipt - added option to select pending order and pull all items together.
7. Bug Fix: barcode error fix on purchase journal form.
8. New Report - Stock Return Quality Control report added.
9. New Report - GST Report Itemwise (Excel) added.
10. New Report - Stock Statement - All Warehouses report added.
11. New Report - Stock Statement with values report added.
12. New Report - Monthly Attendance Report added.
13. New Report - All Customer Received List for Invoices added.
14. New Report - Salary Summary Report added
15. Bug fix: Stock conversion entry form error related to item code.
16. Bug fix: Serial number not adding back to inventory in case of credit note.
17. Bug fix: Sales order list with items - showing duplicate entries.
18. Added option to show service items on stock in hand form.
19. Other bug fixes and improvements.

CraveInvoice - 10th August 2021
1. Accounting Dashboard added.
2. Bug Fix: Sales Dashboard freezes in case of large data sets.
3. Pending quotation report - customer selection added.
4. Production order report - added product selection drop down.
5. All bill of material reports added in production menu for ease of access.
6. Customer due form - added total for all customers.
7. Supplier due form - added total for all suppliers.
8. Export to excel option added for customer sales history report.
9. Export to excel optio added for supplier purchase history report.
10. Purchase order form - delivery date added for item line.
11. Production quality control form - Itemwise attachment option added.
12. Option added on bill of material form to copy record.
13. New Report - Returnable delivery note with Stock return note.
14. New Report - Purchase Payments Report.
15. New Report - Material allocation report.
16. New Report - Sales Margin report.

CraveInvoice - 26th May 2021
1. QR Code printing on Invoice for payment collection.
2. PDF digital signature facility added.
3. Branch accounting module added.
4. User manager updated to support company groups.
5. Bug fix: Sales return form not showing correct tax amount.
6. New report added for Bill of material report by item type.

CraveInvoice - 31st March 2021
1. Einvoice and Eway bill API integration.
2. Improvement: Software takes auto backup while closing software.
3. Bug fix and UI redesign for report scheduler tool.
4. Bug fix: Sales by region report gives error when opening.
5. Bug fix: TDS amount not reflecting in accounts properly from payment receipt form.
6. Sales order ledger report added with tracking field on all related forms.
7. Option added to select sub assembly and pull all inside items on Invoice, PI, Quotation and Sales order.
8. GSTR1 - export to CSV option added.
9. Bug fix: when importing items, brand and location were not reflecting in master data.
10. Improvement: New form and report for production plan based on sales orders.
11. Bug fix: Export to JSON was not working properly due to version change.
12. Option added to update purchase rate from purchase journal to item master.
13. Applicable date added to TDS category form.
14. Export option added for Bill of material list.
15. New report - Route card report by quantity.
16. Empty cylinders option added for LPG module on invoice form.
17. Added tax inclusive option on purchase journal.
18. Bug fix: Purchase journal if modified and saved, the receipt date was wrongly saved as todays date.
19. Improvement: Bank reconcilation form updated to show bank account balance, cleared and uncleared amounts.

CraveInvoice - 25th December 2020
1. Allow user manager form to other users.
2. Status field added for sales person so that left persons can be kept inactive.
3. Bug Fix: fractional inventory was not showing up properly in reports.
4. Company form - added extra 5 fields for additional information.
5. Sales return form hidden by default in new version so that credit note can be used.
6. Serial number tracking enabled on credit and debit notes.
7. Bug Fix: Bill of material import was not working properly in case of multiple sub-items.
8. Bug Fix: On indent form, approval button was not working.
9. Print and save button added on receive payment popup.

CraveInvoice - 6th November 2020
1. Restrict negative amounts and rates.
2. Show unsettled amount on customer statement for advance.
3. New ledger for opening balance adjustments (used instead of sales revenue).
4. Sales person drop down on credit note.
5. Sales commission report updated.
6. Sales person form - added brand name.

CraveInvoice - 20th October 2020
1. Added purchase order drop down on delivery note and returnable delivery note form in case jobwork module is enabled.
2. Added order type drop down on purchase order form in case of jobwork module is enabled.
3. On purchase order form - Menu command added on all records tab to update status of order if it is not marked as complete properly.
4. Added billing type drop down on delivery note and returnable delivery note form if work module is enabled.
5. Bug fix: New document number generation error if suffix is given in document settings for any document.
6. Option added to ask before closing the form if entry is not saved before closing the form.
7. Option added on Invoice for posting reverse charge tax amount to different ledger.
8. Amount and rate added in stock issue entry form based on optional setting (not visible by default).
9. Amount and rate added in stock return entry form based on optional setting (not visible by default).
10. Option added to calculate price and retail price based on rate at specific percent on Item form.
11. Option added to control no. of print copies for each report.
12. Daily report form updated so that user can select company for the report.
13. Computer name can be printed on each report based on a setting.
14. Tax setup form - Added drop down to select refundable and reverse charge ledger accounts.
15. Account settings form - added drop down to select reverse charge (shipping) and interest on capital ledger accounts.
16. New form added to define interest calculation on capital and to post the journal entry for the same.
17. Bug fix: Purchase journal - net amount field was not visible on the form in some cases.
18. Copy record option added on purchase journal form.
19. Option added to show supplier type by default instead of customer on returnable delivery note form.
20. Bug fix: The transaction history form columns were getting messed up in some cases.
21. User manager - Option added to show username of the person who created the record on all records list tab for all forms.
22. Option added in file menu to switch / login user without restarting the software.
23. Option added to minimize software to Windows system tray.
24. Option added to update rate from purchase journal to item form's price and retail price.
25. It is now possible to restrict receipt entry date to today's date to avoid entry mistakes.
26. Data from all records tab of each form can be exported to excel sheets.
27. Purchase return form added to quickly post debit notes for suppliers.
28. User name added on POS Sales report.
29. Employee payment form in payroll can be used by doing manual data entry. No need to import data of attendance or hourly entries.
30. Added payment mode drop down on payment receipt list report parameters window.
31. Added order type drop down on Purchase order with item details report.
32. New report - Supplier statement with due days.
33. Bug fix: on Stock return form - Delivery note drop down shows now only pending delivery notes based on type i.e. returnable or non-returnable.
34. Added delivery note type parameter for report of returnable delivery note with items.
35. Added date selection for delivery note with details report.
36. Added sales order type drop down on sales order form.
37. Bug fix: Stock receipt form adding blank lines if barcode inventory is enabled.
38. Added order type drop down ons sales order list report.
39. New Service purchase order report.
40. New Purchase indent with item details report.
41. New Debit note list report.
42. New credit note list report.
43. New supplier balance report.
44. New customer balance report.
45. New stock return note with item details report.
46. New monthly summary report.
47. New purchase summary report.
48. New expense summary report.
49. New purchse journal with item details report.
50. New quality report for stock receipts.
51. New quality report for production entries.
52. New shortage quantity for production orders report.
53. New shortage quantity for production order summary report.
54. On Sales person form, option added to add all items at once for commision rate calculation.
55. Stock receipt and sales order form - added vehicle no. and eway bill no.
56. Custom date selection added to trial balance, balance sheet and profit statement reports.

CraveInvoice - 29th August 2020
1. Improvement: Save data entry form width and height if resized by user.
2. Improvement: Software optimized for cloud hosted databases.
3. Improvement: Item selection pop up form now has ability to hide columns.
4. Bug Fix: TDS in case of lump sum payments was not calculating on purchase payments.
5. Improvement: Item return form in Accounting menu has ability to select unpaid invoices.
6. Improvement: Credit note form has now ability to select only sold items if customer is selected without invoice on the form.
7. Improvement: Option added to show warehouse name on POS form.
8. Improvement: New Daily report form added with print option.
9. Improvement: Daily report added in report scheduler.
10. Improvement: New report added - Purchase order report with details.
11. Bug Fix: Debit note form had error when printing with serial numbers enabled.
12. Bug Fox: On payment receipts, Ref number and date were not enabled in case of bank payments.
13. Improvement: ENTER key option added for adding new row on all forms.
14. Bug Fix: Bill of material import form had errors while importing.
15. Bug Fix: Payment modes were not loaded from table on supplier payment form.
16. Improvement: Production order number saved in production entry table from update button of production order form.
17. Improvement: New report added - Trial balance with totals.
18. Improvement: On Payroll Worksheet entry form, added "from date", "to date", "period" and "total days".
19. Bug Fix: From Stock transfer form, double entry was saved in certain cases.
20. Improvement: Bulk Product price change tool improved for direct editing.

CraveInvoice - 29th July 2020
1. Improvement: Added Landed cost calculation option on purchase journal and a new report as well.
2. Improvement: Added option of auto clearing post dated cheques for receipts and payments.
3. Improvement: New report - ledger subgroup balance report.
4. Improvement: Indent number field added on all records tab on purchase order form.
5. Bug Fix: Loyalty points validation not working properly.
6. Improvement: New sales return note form for easier sales returns.
7. Bug Fix: Reset data option giving error in case of sql server database.
8. Improvement: Added new discount (other decduction) on invoice.
9. Bug Fix: Raw material consumption report.
10. Improvement: Option added to calculate tax after discount in case of inclusive tax.
11. Improvement: Added credit limit for overdraft and cash credit bank accounts.
12. Bug Fix: GSTIN mandatory validation removed for Export oriented unit type of customers.
13. Bug Fix: Name of approver saved now after clicking on approve button on all forms.
14. Bug Fix: Bill of material import was not working properly.
15. Bug Fix: Batch printing form gives error when printing invoices.
16. Improvement: Delivery note list report - added option to see pending or all delivery notes for invoice.
17. Improvement: GSTIN validation button added on customer and supplier form which opens gst portal for validation.
18. Improvement: Option added to send text messages to admin for all customer birthday reminders.

CraveInvoice - 26th June 2020
1. Improvement: Approval option added for Purchase Journal.
2. Bug Fix: Unable to set permissions for General setting form.
3. Improvement: Employee selection (Requested by person) added on Stock Issue, Stock Return and Stock Issue Return.
4. Bug Fix: Disable customer / supplier info option from User manager was not working.
5. Improvement: Added Ref. No. field on Invoice and Tax Invoice form. It can be enabled from General setting if needed.
6. Bug Fix: Delivery note drop down list loading very slow on Invoice form.
7. Improvement: On Account balance form, separate tab added for Check for errors button so that all the incorrect entries can be checked at once easily.
8. Improvement: Financial year selection added on Login form.
9. Improvement: Basic amount field added in TDS reports.
10. Improvement: Option added to print barcodes directly from Purchase journal. This useful to print labels at the time of inventory receipt.
11. Bug fix: Too many files were created in certain cases when auto backup is enabled.
12. Improvement: Item text field added on Project form for each Item selected.
13. Bug Fix: Used projects were displaying in the project drop down list on Invoice form.
14. Bug Fix: Error shows when Receive payment button clicked on Customer Due form.

CraveInvoice - 3rd June 2020
1. Length field added in bill of material and in bom reports in case of raw material items.
2. Cost center feature added in accounts with reports.
3. Required date added on indent form.
4. Bug fix: Debit and credit notes not working properly for inventory tracking and accounting entries.
5. Bug fix - Supplier balance was not updating from post payment form.
6. Approval system added for Indent, proforma invoice.
7. GSTR3B export to JSON feature added.
8. GSTR3B bug fix for credit note entries.
9. GST refundable report added for EOU customers.
10. Bug fix: POS invoice wrong tax calculation in case of tax inclusive in some cases.
11. New feature: option added to quickly receive payment from customer from invoice due, invoice and tax invoice form.
12. Bug fix - ledger balance was not updating properly from auto adjust form, make payment and receipt payment form.
13. Support request form added in software to quickly get in touch with support team.
14. Item code length changed to 40 characters.
15. Length and width calculation added on invoice and other forms for amount calculation.

CraveInvoice - 28th February 2020
1. Maintenance module added (calibration equipments, jigs, fixtures, tools life-time maintenance module).
2. POS module enhancements.
a. * to modify qty quickly.
b. + to quickly modify amount.
c. Invoice hold option.
d. Easy popup of items.
e. Total items + Total qty shown on form.
f. Daywise sales data edit, preview and print option instantly.
3. Purchase history form - option to see items sold against purchased items.
4. New options for Timber, Wood, Glass and Aluminum business - calculate total square meter or square feet based on length and width.
5. Bank reconciliation tool.
6. Loyalty points option in POS invoice.
7. BOM link with employee for calculation of employee payment based on quantity produced per employee.
8. Bug fix: Export data form - invoice - GSTIN number was not exporting.
9. Validation on production order update button to check the manual stock issue for the order to avoid double inventory deduction.
10. Production order selection added on Production entry form.
11. Sales order number selection added on Production Order form.
12. User manager - Option added to disable stock level alert for other users.
13. User manager - option added to disable customer,supplier, item details for other users on quotation, invoice etc. to avoid incorrect entries.
14. Bill of material linked to delivery note and returnablel delivery note.
15. Purchase journal form - MRP field added. Useful for retail customers.
16. Bug fix: Pending quotation report was incorrect.
17. Bug fix: If payment receipt date is modified, its dependent bank journal date was not updating.
18. Bug fix: Export to xml was not taking item price and quantity.
19. Improvement: Tax invoice - Tax calculation change for EOU customers since tax is not added to net amount. It is refundable.
20. Item form - added Semi-finished item type for proper TDS calculation for clients doing jobwork items.
21. TDS calculation added for semi-finished items on purchase and sales.
22. Drawing number and short code added on item popup for search.

CraveInvoice - 6th Janunary 2020
1. New feature: Multiple purchase order selection for stock receipts.
2. Option to hide inventory values from stock in hand and stock reports for selected users.
3. Option to select supplier for received order list report.
4. Option to drill down on account balance form to detailed show ledger and data entry forms.
5. Added field "Aging days" in customer statement report.
6. Cash discount field added for purchase journal.
7. Line discount option added for export invoice.
8. Bug fix: TDS calculation will be calculated only for service items now.
9. Item history report button added on item form to show delivery notes, invoices and all other records for the item.
10. Purchase journal form - added eway bill number and vehicle number fields.
11. Added option to select item tag on item form to identify non-inventory items used for shipping , insurance, freight and so on.
12. Item form - added income ledger account field to post the revenue amount for the item to respective ledger accounts.
13. Sales report for routewise sales improved to show total sales, itemwise sales, daily payment collection etc.
14. Option added on sales person form to specify itemwise commission as well as single commission.
15. Sales person commission report added.
16. Report scheduler form added which can be used to configure reports to auto-email to specific person at specific time.
17. Search option added on customer and supplier due forms.
18. Due days added in customer dues report (printed from customer dues form).
19. Bug fix: Only pending sales orders will be visible on delivery notes.
20. Other minor bug fixes and improvements.

CraveInvoice - 1st December 2019
1. Waste and Reuse quantity added on Bill of Material form.
2. New report - Production wastage report added.
3. New report - Bill of material estimated wastage report added.
4. Customer search available on customer popup.
5. Bug fix: in case of inclusive tax, assessible amount was showing wrong on invoice print.
6. Ledger account selection added on item form.
7. Location added on item form with a location master form to define locations.
8. Purchase journal picks up ledger accounts for expense posting from Item form.
9. Group name search available on item popup.
10. Item location added on stock receipt for reference.
11. Item location added on stock in hand for searching purpose.
12. Delivery address added on supplier form.
13. Delivery address added on purchase order form
14. Validation added on purchase order to show items for only pending POs.
15. Project module updated to select project items along with costing details.
16. New report - Project status report added.
17. New report - Project allocation report added.
18. Project reference can be selected from sales order, invoice, delivery note and all journals.
19. Account sub groups added on trial balance.
20. Bug fix: Shortage report for bill of material was showing wrong item names.
21. Job order form - Sales order drop down removed.
22. Job order update form - Drop down for finished items shows all items. Earlier only products were showing.
23. Bug fix: Production entry form - if Modify button clicked, error was showing.
24. Bug fix: Production order form - error was showing when update button pressed (in case serial number is enabled).
25. User manager - Added option to disable main menus
26. Bug fix: Company name was not visible on exported excel sheets for GST sales/purchase reports.
27. If project is selected, only project related items are visible on delivery note and issue entry.
28. Project form - button added to check project history.
29. New form added to calculate Raw material costing based on dimensions.
30. LPG distribution module - option added to specify empty/refill quantity both at a time.

CraveInvoice - 14th November 2019
1. Added project drop down on stock receipt, purchase journal, bank/cash/adjustment journals.
2. Added Item location added on item form and on stock in hand report.
3. Birthday and Anniversary reminder option added for clients. Auto-reminder by email and SMS available.
4. Added quality check for production module.
5. Option added to allow duplicate items.
6. Added credit limit type option on Customer form. That allows you to decide credit limit by amount and by number of invoices.
7. Bug fix in GSTR3b.
8. Bug fix: Error occurs debit note if saved without invoice number selection.
9. Bug fix: Quotation status was not updating if selected on invoice and saved.
10. Bug fix: Bank journal was not doing correct validation in case of amounts with decimal values.
11. Improvement on Financial year form
- Validations added on financial year form to properly save the year information.
- Added option to add new year automatically.
- Added validation not to save duplicate year information.
12. Raw material cost calculation module added (Available as a plug-in, not integrated in software).
13. LPG distribution module added.
14. Project report added for received items.

CraveInvoice - 16th October 2019
1. Validation for transactions to be between financial years.
2. Bug fix: Show only pending quotations on invoice and sales order form.
3. New report - Raw material used during production.
4. Bug fix: Account setting form - Delete row button was not working.
5. Bug fix: GST report for sales - in case of tax inclusive invoices, the taxable amount was not correct.
6. Bug fix: TDS amount was not getting calculated if receipt form is opened from invoices due form.
7. Bug fix: TDS amount was not getting calculated if payment form is opened from purchase due form.
8. Improvement: Report copies form - added option to add copy names automatically.
9. Bug fix: If stock ledger opened from stock in hand form then only first warehouse records were displayed.
10. Setup and BasicInputs Menus rearranged and grouped properly.
11. Improvement: Financial year form - If new year button is clicked then from date and to date is calculated automatically.
12. New report - Subitem report for a particular item.
13. Validation to not allow selection of same account on bank and cash journals.
14. Company name added on backup file name during backup process.
15. Improvement: Discount scheme form to specify free item quantity schemes. If this item is selected on invoice then the quantity scheme is applied automatically based on quantity.
16. If customer price list is specified for a customer then on option is available on invoice to show only those item on invoice selected for the customer.

CraveInvoice - 23rd September 2019
1. Product+Tax price on item form list.
2. Bug fix: Only approved sales order will be visible on tax invoice if approval system is enabled.
3. Update: Ledger account form - added validation to match both debit and credit amounts.
4. Added quotation button on main toolbar.
5. Bug fix: Stock adjustment form - Entry was saving without serial number for items with serial number tracking in case of addition quantity.
6. Bug fix: Calculation mismatch between invoice and proforma.
7. Bug fix: GSTR3B report was showing incorrect values in non-GST outward supplies section.
8. Bug fix: Invoice form - incorrect/double receipts saving if received amount is entered.
9. Financial year form - duplicate financial year validation added.
10. Other minor bug fixes and validations added.

CraveInvoice - 15th September 2019
1. Update: GST-ANX 01 Report added.
2. Update: TDS is calculated automatically on Receipt form for Invoices.
3. Update: TDS is calculated automatically on Make payment form for Purchase Journal.
4. Bug fix: POS invoice form's modify button was not working.

CraveInvoice - 2nd September 2019
1. Bug Fix: Adjustment entries were not reflecting in supplier statement.
2. Bug Fix: TDS report for sales and purchase were showing wrong calculation.
3. Bug Fix: Sales return note records were not visible in stock ledger.
4. Update: Sales order list with items report updated to show itemwise amount.
5. Update: State drop down added on new customer popup form (+ button on invoice form).
6. Bug Fix: on Invoice due form , if only invoices are there and if receive payment button clicked it won't get selected on Receipt form.
7. Bug Fix: Purchase order drop down on purchase journal form when selected, adds an extra row.
8. Update: Added duplicate invoice number validation on purchase journal form.

CraveInvoice - 19th August 2019
1. TDS report for purchase updated to show TDS rate and due amount.
2. TDS report for sales updated to show TDS rate and deducted amount.
3. TDS Category form added to define TDS rates by slabs.
4. TDS category drop down added on Customer form.
5. TDS category drop down added on Supplier form.
6. Warehouse type added on Warehouse form which can be enabled from Settings form.
7. Warehouse will be selected automatically based on the inventory transaction and warehouse type.
8. Quality check form added on stock receipt if warehouse type is enabled. This allows to put rejected and accepted quantity for each item by Quality control manager.
9. Bug Fix: Tax report for purchase was showing incorrect amount in case discount is applied in journal.
10. Bug Fix: GSTR3b report fixes.
11. Bug Fix: Proforma invoice was not calculating tax correctly in case of tax inclusive option
12. Bug Fix: Purchase order status was not updating after journal is saved.
13. Bug Fix: Barcode desiger form was not saving the barcode type if user changes it.
14. Bug Fix: Invoice number and journal number locked if number is auto-generated.

CraveInvoice - 29th July 2019
1. Bug fix: Raw material was not visible on Bill of Material form if Subitem is enabled.
2. Bug fix: Customer opening balance was not correct in certain cases.
3. Bug fix: Supplier opening balance was not correct in certain cases.
4. Update: Sales order list with items report, added ref. no, added product selection and option to show only pending entries.
5. Update: Job order received items report - added item selection.
6. Added created date for customer, supplier and item (also displayed on all record list tab.)
7. Payment receipt - Tax calculation was wrong for advance receipts and added TDS percent calculation.
8. In last update we added remark column in delivery note - width was incorrect. Now fixed.
9. Bug fix: HSN code not saving from quotation and invoice if new item is added.
10. Stock in hand form - Other item types made visible including consumables, capital goods etc.
11. Production order form - Added option to specify serial number for final product and raw material.
12. TDS percent added on Make payment form from Purchase journal.
13. Bug fix: Purchase journal form - Partially received purchase orders were not visible.
14. Bug fix: Expense records were not showing for second company on dashboard.
15. Auto backup option added. User can schedule the backup as required.

CraveInvoice - 20th July 2019
1. TDS % added on payment receipt form
2. Bug fix: BOM shortage quantity report was incorrect in case of subitems in bill of material.
3. Bug fix: On Invoices due form, "Receive Payment" button was not working for Tax invoices.
4. Feature: Subitem selection added on Stock issue entry form
5. Update: Bom report with costing and Bom report updated to show Subitem details.
6. POS Invoice form - Added daily sales quick display summary.
7. When email button is pressed on report preview window for purchase order, sales order and proforma invoice, the email id was not displayed on the email send dialog.
8. Bug fix: State was made mandatory even if country is not India.
9. Feature: Added Remark / notes field for Delivery note, Returnable delivery note and Stock return note form.
10. Bug fix: Exported JSON file from Tax Invoice was showing incorrect tax values.
11. Bug fix: Supplier and customer opening balance was not showing correctly in certain cases.

CraveInvoice - 14th July 2019
1. Added customer delivery note number on sales order list report.
2. Added remark / notes field from stock issue return on stock ledger report.
3. Bug Fix: If sales order is selected on delivery note then it was showing all quantity instead of only pending quantity.
4. Job order sent items list report - added document type on report.
5. Job order stock ledger report - Added customer DC number.
6. Added drug license number and FSSAI number on customer, supplier and company form.
7. Bug Fix: Email sent items list form was not showing all sent emails from the software.
8. Bug Fix: Import attendance and attendance form bug fixes.
9. Other bug fixes.

CraveInvoice - 3rd July 2019
1. Export to JSON button added on Tax Invoice.
2. Due amount visible on bank and cash journal during purchase journal selection.
3. Bug Fix: Invoice was not saving in case of multiple delivery notes having same item and multiple serial numbers.
4. Added Auto-update option in Help menu and a new option on General setting form to enable or disable auto update at start-up.
5. Bug fix: Company state was not saving on first run wizard

CraveInvoice - 30th June 2019
1) Added issue types form which can be used on Issue Entry form.
2) Added export JSON tool for eway bills
3) Bigger font option for all forms.
4) Bug Fix: Payroll attendance form - time difference was wrong in case of night work schedules.
5) Added status for returnable delivery note.
6) Added option to specify paid amount, ref. no and date directly on Purchase journal.
7) Added option to specify item serial numbers on Stock adjustment form.
8) Bug fix: Stock in hand form was not showing the inventory for selected warehouse if zero quantity option is selected.
9) Added reference no. and date on Transaction history form.
10) Added user authorization / approval option for quotation, purchase order and sales order.
11) Bug fix: Debit credit note - price should be fetched from invoice or purchase journal appropriately but it was picking up from items form.
12) Bug fix: Employee form - if employee status is resigned then only show resign date otherwise hide it.
13) New report added for Indent list.

CraveInvoice - 29th May 2019
1. Gatepass module included.
2. Projects module included.
3. Indent form and report added.
4. Indent selection added on Purchase order form.
5. Purchase order cancel option added.
6. New gross profit report added based on average cost.
7. New stock transfer report added.
8. New stock conversion report added.
9. Employee form updated form gender, PF and ESIC.
10. Drawing no. added on item form.
11. Unit quantity option added in delivery note.
12. Search option was added on customer supplier ledger form.
13. Added Reference date on Tax invoice form.
14. Bug Fix: GSTR1, GSTR3b and Tax Invoice fixed for calculation in case of inclusive tax.
15. Export to XML option added for items, customers, invoices. Can be used by external softwares like Tally.
16. Docket number added on Tax invoice.
17. Improvement: Email can be sent to multiple emails in from, CC and BCC on the email form.
18. Customer form - added route , sales person and customer type drop down.
19. New Stock ledger report added with customer/supplier details.
20. Bug Fix: Advance calcualtion was not working properly.
21. Bug Fix: Employee payment form - No. of working days were wrong.
22. Bug Fix: Attendance records were not getting deleted.
23. Bug Fix: Leave structure were not getting deleted.
24. Bug Fix: Sales orders were not visible on Tax Invoice in some cases.
25. Bug Fix: Stock issue entry - some production orders were not visible for drop down list.
26. Bug Fix: Stock issue entry - items from the production order were not visible on Select item button.
27. Bug Fix: Reference date was not populating from sales order to invoice and from sales order to delivery note.
28. Other minor bug fixes

CraveInvoice - 5th March 2019
1. Route/area tracking on invoice and report to see sales by area or route.
2. In case of custom serial number - auto generation option is added so items can be counted in invoice.
3. Added Job work module.
4. Validation added in Accounting module for incorrect ledger account selections, accidental deletion of accounts.
5. Validation - if serial number tracking is enabled for an item then it is not possible to take in or take out item from inventory without mentioning serial number. This is done to avoid stock quantity and serial number mismatch.
6. Validation - bank/cash/adjustment journals - the totals will always match or it wont save.
7. Validation added - Account Setting form - Only asset accounts can be selected on the cash/bank account setting tab.
8. User manager - email id added and option added on setting form so that all emails will go to the admin email 9. User manager - permissions copy option added so another user permissions can be copied while creating new users 10. Warranty date added on Invoice.
11. New report - Item warranty report to check items under warranty and out of warranty.
12. Bug fix: Payment receipt form - if multiple receipt entries are deleted then related bank journal records were not getting deleted properly.
13. POS invoice is redesigned for full screen usage.
14. Income statement - Expense groups added on the report.
15. Bug fix : Purchase journal - if a record is modified for amount then due amount is not updated properly.
16. Bug fix : Purchase journal - delete row button was not working when modifying a journal.
17. Bug fix: SMS was sent even if the checkbox on text message setting is unchecked for invoice.
18. Update: Credit notes now affects the invoice due amount and debit notes affect purchase journal due amount.
19. Bug fix: Purchase journal - Stock receipts which are already selected on previous journals dont show up again.
20. Improvement: Tax inclusive option on invoice forms dont need exclude tax button now. It works automatically.
21. Bug fix: Supplier/customer statement used to show multiple entries for same journal in case adjust amount button is used.
22. Bug fix: Customer/supplier ledger if printed shows multiple pages for same customer.
23. Update: Alt + R sets focus on item name on all forms now this is useful in case user want to quick search item from popup.
24. Update: Payment advice now shows both due amount and paid amount for each invoice.
25. Search function added on text message sender tool.
26. Customer and supplier statement - Added notes field below transaction type in report.

CraveInvoice 2.9 - 29th January 2019
1. Direct item search on most forms. No need to click on Select item button.
2. Accelerators updated for all menus and submenus to quickly select commands.
3. Returnable Delivery Note - to record items out of inventory on returnable basis.
4. Stock Issue Return - to record inward items which were issued using Stock Issue entry.
5. Stock ledger was not showing records by date sequence.
6. Ability to record and view reports of customer and supplier record together if the company is same.
7. Cancel option added for Quotation.
8. Purchase orders can be short-closed and marked as received.
9. Purchase journal form - stock receipt can be selected to instead of purchase orders.
10. New report for production orders and production entry.
11. New report for Bill of material shortage items.
12. Payroll module added.
13. Text message tool enhanced to send message to multiple customers and suppliers.
14. Stock on hand form - option added to filter by subgroup and brand.
15. Invoice form - option added to view current stock while making invoice entry.
16. Bug fix: Print cheque error on bank journal form.
17. Reorder bill of material report added to easily reorder shortage items.
18. Minor enhancements and fixes.

CraveInvoice - 28th October 2018
1. Advance adjustment and lumpsum payment option for supplier from purchase journal, bank and cash journal.
2. Advance adjustment and lumpsum receipt option for customer from invoice, bank and cash journal.
3. Modification: Aging report for customer and supplier - added option for more than 90 days due.
4. Bug fix: Delivery notes which are already completed were visible on invoice form.
5. Bug fix: Sales order mark as complete option was not working from Sales order form.
6. Bug fix: Email sent list form was not recording sent emails using CraveInvoice software.
7. Modification: Tax Invoice list report - Cash discount field added.
8. New feature: Supplier price list form added to specify itemwise rate and discount.
9. New feature: Discount per quantity option added to specify discount for each quantity.
10. New feature: Discount percent and value option added on item form.
11. Bug fix: General ledger was showing incorrect records in some cases for advance and bill payments.
12. New feature: SMS and E-mail send option from customer due form for overdue invoices.
13. New Report - GST sales summary report for excel.
14. Modification: Bill of material form updated for direct creation of finish good and deduction of raw material without production order.
15. New feature: Subcomponent / Subitem option added on item form and on bill of material.
16. Modification: Added cash mode option in Tax invoice so that customer name and received amount need not be specified.
17. Bug fix in bank ledger and other accounting fixes
18. Account balance form updated in Accounting menu to directly show and print trial balance as well as identify errors.
19. New feature: Transaction history button added on invoice and purchase journal form to see payment or receipt history.
20. Other bug fixes and validations.

CraveInvoice - 26th July 2018
1. New Form added to show supplier purchase journal due list similar to customers due form.
2. Bug Fix: Supplier aging report - zero amount purchase journals are now hidden completely.
3. Bug Fix: If tax structure is changed in Purchase Journal or Invoice then the ledger accounts affected incorrectly.
4. Supplier statement updated to show advance entries.
5. Bug Fix: Payment Advice report was not showing correct payment mode.
6. Bank and General ledger reports fixed for incorrect balance for certain ledger accounts.
7. On report parameters form, if financial year option is selected in case of a previous year, it was showing current date in "To date" parameter instead of year closing date.
8. New Report - TDS Report for Sales.
9. New Report - TDS Report for Purchase.

CraveInvoice - 30th June 2018
1. Day and shift closing added for POS module.
2. Multiple price option added for items.
3. Added colour field for item.
4. Product brand and subgroup can be specified for items.
5. Bugfix: if new item is added from invoice forms, it was not adding to initial stock form.
6. Field added to show total of all items quantity on invoice and purchase journal form.
7. Invoice numbers reset automatically if invoice is deleted. This option is not enabled by default.
8. Payment mode added on bank journal (e.g. NEFT, IMPS, RTGS etc.)
9. Payment mode added on make payment form in purchase journal (e.g. NEFT, IMPS, RTGS etc.)
10. POS invoice - shortcut keys added for editing, F8 - quantity, F11 - price, F9 - auto receive, F10 - focus on cash input.
11. POS sales report - sales person selection added.
12. POS invoice - Added option to make payment by other modes e.g. PayTM, MobiKwik etc.
13. POS invoice - option added to select item by short code. The short code can be specified from Item form for each item.
14. Added option to disable POS invoice date for non-admin users.
15. Purchase Journal - added due date.
16. Stock in hand form - Added option to filter zero stock items.
17. Stock statement - Added option to filter zero stock items.
18. Bug fix: Supplier opening was not updating in supplier statement.
19. New report added - Item received list from supplier.
20. HSN code is now visible on Quotation and Delivery note form.
21. Added auto text complete option for item name on Item form and Customer name on invoice form. This is not enabled by default.
22. Bug Fix: Date selection was not working properly on trial balance, balance sheet reports.
23. Other minor changes.

CraveInvoice - 12th May 2018
1. Added ability to restrict users from viewing each other's entries.
2. Added sales dashboard on main form.
3. Added ability to send e-mail automatically after saving invoice, tax invoice and payment receipt.
4. Added ability to send text message automatically after saving invoice, tax invoice and payment receipt.
5. Added GST Credit report.
6. Enabled option to show company logo on main form.
7. Added discount scheme form so that item discount can be specified for particular date range or week days.
8. Added discount form for quantity so that different item discount can be specified for particular quantity range.
9. Added templates option for text messages.
10. Added free quantity on POS invoice.
11. Tax inclusive option can be set as default on invoice.
12. Fix: POS Sales report was showing incorrect data.
13. Fix: HSN Code was not updating when delivery note or sales order is selected on invoice.
14. Added supplier selection on stock return note list.
15. Added option to update inventory from sales order.
16. Fix: Balance sheet and income statement report were not visible in some cases.
17. Other minor changes and bug fixes.

CraveInvoice - 25th March. 2018
1. Fix: Recurring invoice generation was not working properly.
2. E-mail and text message option added for recurring invoices so that intimation can be sent automatically.
3. Manufacturing date is made optional for batch number data entry.
4. Bank and Cash ledger report from Reports menu moved to Account balance form for easy of use.
5. POS invoice - Added option for cash, card and finance in same invoice so that partial received amounts can be specified.
6. POS Sales report updated with more filters and a print option.
7. GSTR1 fix: Tax exempted items were not getting displayed in EXEMP section.
8. Added option to specify free quantity on invoice and stock receipt.
9. Added option to open stock ledger from stock on hand form.
10. Added option to receive payment for POS invoice from Payment receipt.
11. Added Text Message templates option for Text messages.
12. Other minor improvements.

CraveInvoice - 10th March. 2018
1. Duplicate serial number restriction added on the serial numbers form.
2. Tax inclusive option added on POS invoice.
3. Print button added on POS invoice for direct printing.
4. Other minor improvements and bug fixes.

CraveInvoice - 22nd Feb. 2018
1. Added option to print batch number, exp. date etc. on barcode labels
2. NEW - POS module added for retail/cash invoicing (can be enabled from Setup menu, by default it is not visible)
3. Multiple sales order selection added on invoice.
4. NEW - Stock adjustment form added for inventory.
5. NEW - Stock conversion form added for inventory.
6. Phone number field added on cash memo form.
7. Price field can have separate decimal digits (e.g. 12.441) and totals can have separate ones. Useful for item prices in fractions.
8. Batch number added on production order and production entry forms (Production module).
9. Option available to show raw material and non-inventory items on Invoice.
10. TDS option added on purchase journal payment form (India edition).
11. Payment advice option added for purchase journal payments (from bank journal form advice can be printed).
12. Second tax field added on item form.
13. Weight field added on item form.
14. Option added to calculate cash discount on Subtotal or Net amount.
15. GSTR 1 updated for Receiver name field and other changes (for GST India).
16. All user activity can be tracked including new records, updates, deletion of records, login/logout etc.
17. NEW REPORT - User log report added to check all activities done by each user in the software.
18. Stock adjustment option added on stock in hand form.
19. NEW REPORT - Tax Report for Purchase added.
20. Other minor changes and improvements.

CraveInvoice - 12th Dec. 2017
1. Fix: While exporting reports to excel, it was not possible to do so for some excel versions..
2. Expired batches Alert option added with a report of items having expired batches.
3. New Report - Item inventory report by tax rate (for GST).
4. Multiple delivery note selection added on invoice.
5. Multiple sales order selection added on delivery note.
6. New Report - Job / Sales order items received report.
7. New Report - Job / Sales order items sent report.
8. New Report - Item quality inspection report based on stock receipts.
9. Improvement: Added option to specify rejected quantity on stock receipt.
10. Fix: Only pending sales orders are displayed on invoice for selection.
11. Improvement: Sales person and warehouse selection added for invoice list report.
12. GST update: Vehicle number and E-way bill number added on delivery note.
13. GST update: E-way bill number and reference number added on invoice.
14. User name selection added on sales person so that when the user logs in, the sales person name is automatically displayed on invoice.
15. Improvement: Stock on hand form - added button for displaying batch report for selected item.
16. Improvement: Added purchase history button on item and supplier form.
17. Improvement: Added print option for history reports on item, supplier and customer form.
18. Improvement: Totals added on bank, cash ledger and customer statement.

CraveInvoice - 5th Nov. 2017
1. Improvement: GSTR 3B Report added.
2. Improvement: GSTR 2 Report added.
3. Improvement: GSTR 1 report updated.
4. Other software updates and improvements.

CraveInvoice - 25th Oct. 2017
1. Improvement: GSTR 1 report updated for advance tax, cess and other changes.
2. Fix: Tax was getting calculated in case of retail price mode on invoice.
3. Fix: When sending text message, the phone (phone 1) number was not getting picked.
4. Improvement: On bank, cash and adjust journals, reference list shows invoice number and amount as well and it is automatically added after invoice selection.
5. Improvement: Clearing date field added in bank journal, bank journal print and bank ledger.
6. Improvement: GST update done for Cess on forms and reports.
7. Improvement: Payment Receipt form updated for GST tax calculation
8. Improvement: Customer and supplier opening balance form added to update balances.
9. Improvement: Sales return note updated for GST.

CraveInvoice - 14th Sept. 2017
1. Improvement: Cash discount option added on invoice.
2. Improvement: Now you can add new customer directly from invoice form.
3. Improvement: GSTR 1 report updated so that you can check it on form before exporting to excel.
4. Improvement: New report added - All customer due statement by date.
5. Improvement: Direct print option added for template based reports so that you don't need to preview them for printing.
6. Bug Fix: Purchase journal status is now updated when a dependent bank or cash journal is deleted.
7. Improvement: Manual serial number option added for items on invoice and other forms. You will be able to type serial number (e.g. 1, 2 etc.) for each item row instead of software generating it automatically.
8. Improvement: PAN No. added on import customers form.
9. Improvement: Average purchase rate also updates now from Purchase journal.
10. Bug Fix: Product Serial numbers can be specified from Purchase Journal if update item stock option is checked.
11. Bug Fix: Ledger account selection was not working properly on bank and cash journals when some account is selected and if a customer account is selected after that.

CraveInvoice - 18th August 2017
1. Improvement: Delivery Note can be prepared with price, amount and tax details.
2. Improvement: GST reports now reflects GSTIN number.
3. Bug Fix: Some adjustment journal entries were not reflecting in customer statement and customer balance.
4. Improvement: Tax Invoice - ability to select currency code in case export invoice is done with GST.
6. Improvement: You can now select and switch database from File menu dynamically. This is useful for auditors, tax consultants to manage multiple client multi-company databases.
7. Other minor changes.

CraveInvoice - 29th July 2017
1. Improvement: Item inventory can be updated from Purchase journal directly without creating a stock receipt.
2. Improvement: Debit note and credit note user interface updated as per GST rules.
3. Customer statement updated to reflect debit and credit notes.
4. Improvement: Option added to calculate tax on shipping amount.
5. Improvement: Reference date field added on quotation form.
6. Improvement: Round off field added on quotation, sales order and proforma invoice.
7. Improvement: Quotation and Proforma selection added on Tax Invoice.
8. Bug fix: HSN Code was not getting copied from Inter-company copy tool.
9. Bug fix: Expiry and Mfg. date was not updating from invoice form.
10. Bug fix: TDS amount was not visible on Payment receipt list of invoices report.
11. Bug fix: Error when saving purchase order in some cases while updating average item rate.
12. Bug fix: Cancel option was not working on invoice form.
13. Other minor bugs fixed.

CraveInvoice - 2nd July 2017
1. GST Update 2 - Purchase transactions can be recorded as per GST and Tax report updated for purchase.
2. Improvement - While sending text message, it is possible to type custom message.
3. Some bug fixes.

CraveInvoice - 22th June 2017
1. GST Update 1 for India (allows you to work as per new GST rules and regulations)
2. Improvement - Item details can be specified with price and quantity on Purchase Journal.
3. Reports menu added on main form so that frequently required reports can be viewed easily without opening Report Viewer tool.
4. Other UI improvements.

CraveInvoice - 8th May 2017
1. If batch tracking is enabled then it will be possible to select multiple batches and specify different item price for the same item.
2. On Item issue entry form you will get option to record issue type. This is useful for example to record inventory wastage which reflects in stock reports automatically.
3. You will be able to reset the database for a particular company and year. This will be useful if you want to discard all data or if you want to delete old unnecessary data from the software.
4. Tax setup - It is now possible to add multiple taxes for each line. Earlier multiple taxes in single invoice was possible but it was not possible for each line. 5. Other minor improvements and bug fixes.

CraveInvoice - 13th February 2017
1. Prices can be specified for multiple item batches. These prices will be used while invoicing those items.
2. Purchase Journal - multiple currency selection added.
3. Option added to update item rate from purchase order to item master data.
4. Option added to calculate amount on invoice using box quantity or total unit quantity.
5. Individual customer statement report - can be viewed for all customers at once.
6. User manager - a user can be restricted from using data from a particular company.
7. Performance improvement for Invoices Due report.
8. Bug Fix: Error on delivery note form if item batch printing is enabled.
9. Line discount can be specified as lump sum amount and as percent both.
10. Minor bug fixes and improvements.

CraveInvoice - 4th November 2016
1. Bug Fix: After new company is created, company settings were not getting copied.
2. Bug Fix: Tax invoice in multi-currency mode gives error on the send email form.
3. New Feature: Check/Cheque Printing tool for bank journals
4. Bug Fix: Balance sheet was not showing correctly.
5. New Feature: Added option to disable price on invoice form so software will pick up price data from item master and user will not be able to change it.
6. Improvement: Export invoice - discount, P & F and freight added.
7. Other bug fixes and improvements.

CraveInvoice - 23rd March 2016
1. Serial numbers can be updated (returned to inventory) on sales returns.
2. Automatic inventory transactions posting to ledger accounts possible.
3. Bug Fix: Average weighted rate was calculated incorrectly for inventory valulation.
4. Bug Fix: If a item is deleted while editing existing record and form is closed without saving then orphan records were left behind with no items data.
5. Added ability to select supplier and customer on accounting journals.
6. Batch number and expiry date tracking added for food, medical and pharmaceutical business types.
7. Added Supplier statement (ledger) report in Accounting module.
8. Production entry form - Added ability to specify multiple serial numbers.
9. Other bug fixes.

CraveInvoice - 9th January 2016
1. Inventory can be tracked with item serial numbers. Serial numbers can be printed on invoices
2. Item sales history tool added which can be opened from Items form
3. Customer sales history tool added which can be opened from Customer form.
4. Sales order list with item details report added.
5. Bug Fix: User interface elements such as labels and input box were overlapping in case of higher DPI.
6. Bug Fix: Email was not sent to CC and BCC from send email form.
7. Bug Fix: Barcode scanning not working properly if same item is scanned multiple times.
8. Ability to change a production order status for partial quantity in production module.
9. Modified aging report for customer and supplier so that it can be viewed for all customers and suppliers.
10. Ability to short-close purchase order and sales order.
11. Ability to record sales from adjustment journals.
12. Other bug fixes and improvements.

CraveInvoice - 15th November 2015
1. Sales return note - Ability to return items after invoice is paid.
2. Sales return note - Ability to exchange/replace items for selected invoice.
3. While emailing invoice report, the attachment file name is now generated with invoice number instead of "invoice.pdf" e.g. invoice-2015-0001.pdf.
4. Payment receipt form - Multiple invoices can be selected at once to mark them as paid.
5. Bug Fix: While creating second or more company, account master data was not getting copied properly.
6. Bug Fix: If unit quantity option enabled, it was calculating amount based on total quantity instead of box quantity.
7. Customer code added on customer selection drop down for easy searching.
8. Other bug fixes and improvements.

CraveInvoice - 15th October 2015
1. Minor bugs fixed.
2. User interface improved - Enter key can be used to navigate while data entry.
3. Ability added to export report to word file format.

CraveInvoice 2.3.3 - 29th August 2015
1. Stock return note form - added supplier selection.
2. Expense module added to record business expenses.
3. Bug fix: Production entry was not reflected in stock statement and stock ledger.
4. Bug fix: Item copy record function was copying current stock of old item.
5. Report templates modified and improved for ease of use.
6. Bug fix: MSL items not visible in report if minimum level quantity is 1.
7. Ability to select service items in sales invoice.
8. Ability to select raw material items in purchase order.
9. Ledger accounts form redesigned for ease of use.
10. Bank and cash journal form - added ability to select invoices and journals as reference.
11. Expense report by account added.
12. Expense report by group added.
13. Stock return note form - delivery note selection added.
14. Other bug fixes and improvements.

CraveInvoice 2.3.2 - 16th April 2015
1. New report - Sales by city
2. New report - Sales by region
3. New report - Sales by state
4. New report - Sales by Country
5. New report - Sales by sales person
6. Open purchase orders can be generated for ongoing contracts and inventory receipts
7. New report - Purchase journal due list
8. New report - Dead stock statement
9. Added facility to calculate inventory value by average or standard method on stock reports.
10. Added ability to specify credit limit for customers.
11. Added facility to show alert for items having minimum level inventory.
12. VAT inclusive calculation feature added.
13. Service desc. master form and Product master form integrated as a single "Item" master form.
14. Added "city" column on invoice list reports.
15. Other bug fixes and improvements.

CraveInvoice 2.3.1 - 5th Jan. 2015
1. Auto update feature implemented - Restoring old database over new version automatically upgrades database. Same works when you install new version over existing version.
2. Bug Fix: Error occurs on printing packing list.
3. Other bug fixes and minor improvements.

CraveInvoice 2.3 - 17th Dec. 2014
1. Ability to select default warehouse on warehouse form.
2. Export invoice is integrated in the software along with packing slip.
3. Export invoice can be selected now on payment receipt and advance settlement form.
4. Bug fix: Stock return note form - software was not showing option to print the note after saving.
5. Tax report optimized as per new tax master in the software along with export to excel option.
6. Multi-currency support added to service invoice form.
7. Bug fix: P&F Amount calculation was incorrect in some cases.
8. Improvement: Whenever a product code is typed at the time of creating invoice or any other transaction form, all product details including product name, price and unit is displayed automatically when Enter key is pressed.
9. Improvement: Export invoice form - ability to cancel invoice added.
10. Bug fix: If product name is modified on product form then it is not reflected on product initial stock form.
11. Improvement: Ability to specify default excise rate for excise invoice form. This can be done from Program options forms.
12. Service invoice form - Ability to type lump sum discount amount. Earlier only percent could be specified.
13. Sales by product report - Modified to show total quantity in case unit quantity option is enabled.
14. Cash memo form - Ability to type lump sum discount amount. Earlier only percent could be specified.
15. Bug fix: If "auto create product option" is enabled then unit of the product was not being saved in product master.
16. All list reports from Report viewer now optimized for export to excel functionality.
17. Bug fix: Sales invoice form - Vehicle number was not displayed even if it is enabled from options form.
18. Excise invoice form - The time of issue and time of removal fields were showing incorrect time format.
19. Import data form - Ability to import warehouse name along with inventory quantity.
20. Bug fix: Do not show inactive products on forms such as bulk pricing tool, stock in hand, stock statement, MSL report etc.
21. Bug fix: If bank or cash journal entry is deleted then purchase journal status is not changed.
22. New report added - Excise tariff classification report.
23. Other bug fixes and improvements.

CraveInvoice 2.2 - 16th Oct. 2014
1. Retail price column - ability to specify retail price and basic price and choose it at the time of invoicing using inclusive/exclusive price option
2. Barcode label generator tool - ability to print multiple labels for same product with option to specify count. This option was not available earlier.
3. Improved tax system - ability to attach different tax structure for each invoice unlike previous version where tax structure lacked flexiblity. So each invoice you create can have different tax levels and rates. This is useful when selling into different regions having different tax systems.
4. Export data tool - ability to export products, customers and invoices to excel format. Earlier only reports from report viewer could be exported to excel format
5. Delivery note - ability to create delivery notes for invoices.
6. Ability to print "time" of invoicing on invoice report
7. Bug fix: batch printing does not work if totals are printed on last page and if multiple invoices are printed.
8. Ability to send e-mails using Outlook. No email configuration required.
9. Ability to track sent emails from within the software
10. Sales person drop down selection added on tax invoice
11. Currency symbol now can have up to 3 digits earlier it was 2 digits only causing issue for clients who has 3 digits in the symbol itself.
12. Now sales order can also be added on main toolbar of the application from Customize toolbar form
13. Ability to specify received amount, reference number and date on invoice. This will automatically generate receipt for invoice if the payment is instant or in cash mode for invoice
14. Bug fix: Round off not working on sales order
15. Pack size column added on invoice
16. Cash memo report now supports A5 paper size which is most commonly required.
17. Ability to automatically generate product code and customer code
18. Ability to manually type invoice number in case the Number generation is in Auto mode.
19. Options form is now easy to use and reorganized.
20. Ability to make multiple partial payments in Purchase journal.
21. Ability to move between control using arrow keys as well as tab key.
22. Lot of minor bug fixes based on error logs received from clients.

CraveInvoice 2.1 - 11th July 2014
1. Added Cash Memo form.
2. Added Cash memo list report.
3. Added Sales return note list report.
4. Bug Fix: User manager was not showing Sales return note for changing user access.
5. Bug Fix: Advanced Customer Details report was not working.
6. Bug Fix: Sales invoice copy record function was not working as expected.
7. Other Minor bug fixes.

CraveInvoice 2.0 - 23rd June 2014
1. Added Text Messaging Facility
2. Added Sales Return Note form
3. Added cancel facility to tax invoices
4. Added new advance settlement report with settlement details for each invoice.
5. Fix: If purchase journal is partially paid, the status was not updating correctly.
6. Fix: Service Invoice - Round off column was visible even if round off option is disable.
7. Fix: Included excise invoice in all stock reports.
8. Added PAN No. and Service tax number on customer form (Specific to India version)
9. Added third tax option on invoice.
10. Fix: Quotation if e-mailed does not show correct logo in PDF format.
11. Fix: Allow to modify discount amount or percent on quotation, invoices etc.
12. Improvement: Batch printing tool - ability to batch print all documents.
13. Improvement: Added excise duty, edu. cess and SHE Cess on purchase order form (India edition)
14. Fix: Sales invoice list shows duplicate records when multiple taxes are present in the invoice.
15. Fix: Tax invoice - if delivery challan is selected then stock deducts twice from inventory.
16. Fix: After switching from one company to other, all open data entry forms are now closed so as to avoid incorrect data entry.
17. Fix: Ledger account name was not displayed on the general ledger report.
18. Fix: Delivery challan - unit was not picked up correctly after item / product is selected.
19. Fix: Cancelled tax invoices were being considered at the time of stock deduction from inventory.
20. Other minor improvements and fixes.

CraveInvoice - 22nd Feb. 2014
1. Added tax numbers and tax declaration on tax invoice print report.
2. Added tax numbers on service invoice print report.
3. Added email templates (messages and subject) to all important reports.
4. Fix: When an email is sent from software, the local currency symbol was not displayed instead it was showing dollar symbol.
5. Fix: Products were not saving properly from the invoice form when a new product is added directly instead of selecting it it. 6. Fix: The database setup form was showing error when the write permission is not given to the application folder.
7. Fix: Cancelled service invoices were displaying in the invoice due list.
8. Added automatic round off field.
9. Fix: Sales invoice form - Due date was not updating as per the selected payment terms when a quotation is selected.
10. Tax Report - added tax rate field.
11. Fix: Sales by customer report - Fixed incorrect total problem.
12. Fix: Sales by Product report - Fixed incorrect total problem.
13. Added tax calculation function for shipping cost.
14. Added excise invoice list report.
15. Fix: Customer balance was not updating after deleting the sales invoice.
16. Stock transfer form - Added ability to select multiple products for transfer.
17. Added challan number selection in Pro edition (India).
18. Minor improvements and bug fixes.

CraveInvoice - 30th Dec. 2013
1. Bug Fix - When report is exported to PDF and printed, it does not open / print on some printers.
2. Delivery challan added in Pro edition so it can be used without inventory tracking.
3. Bug Fix - Bank ledger was showing incorrect report in case of multiple bank accounts setup in the system.
4. Purchase order (India edition) - Added edu. cess and SHE cess along with Excise duty.
5. Bug Fix: Stock ledger parameter window - the list was not getting filtered by product code as it did earlier.
6. Other bug fixes.

CraveInvoice - 15th Dec. 2013
1. Bug Fix: Stock Receipt - Product selection goes wrong - selects every product in same row in the grid.
2. Added proforma invoice selection on sales invoice.
3. Financial year selection added on first run wizard.
4. Added pending proforma invoice list report
5. Bug Fix: Recurring invoice window - when delete button pressed, error occurs.
6. Bug Fix: Product details text does not get fetched from sales order to invoice when selected on invoice window.
7. Added separate reference number and date column on sales order.
8. Added zero quantity validation on stock transfer window.
9. Other bug fixes.

CraveInvoice 1.9 - 7th Nov. 2013
1. Added tax invoice entry screen.
2. Bug Fix: Stock ledger appears incorrect for certain date range.
3. Added service tax column in Sales invoice (India version).
4. Added export to excel facility for all reports. Now in easy editable format.
5. Service quotation is linked with service invoice.
6. Delivery challan is linked with Tax Invoice.
7. Added Excise Tariff Master & Excise invoice entry screen.
8. Added reports for pending service quotations.
9. Re-enabled recurring invoice facility.
10. Added TDS percent and amount columns in Payment receipt for customers. (India version)
11. Other bug fixes.

CraveInvoice - 21th July 2013
1. Added cancellation facility to the bank and cash journals.
2. Added cancellation facility to the service invoice.
3. Now each company (in case of multi-company data) can have different report templates (for quote, invoice etc.).
4. Delivery challan now supports data entry for "additional detailed text" for each product similar to invoice.
5. All template reports improved to show correct logo size instead of stretched logo.
6. Print facility added to the product initial stock list window.
7. Speed improvement made on stock on hand window in case of large set of products.
8. In Production order - a list of raw material items having insufficient stock is now displayed when you mark it as finished.
9. On invoice window - all items from delivery challan are fetched after challan number is selected from the drop down list so you don't have to type product details.
10. New report added - Pending quotation list with product details. 11. Bug Fix: Reordering of MSL products from reorder window was not updating PO status. 12. Company logo on company setup window now can be resized with aspect ratio. So you will not lose the logo quality and shape after resizing it.
13. Report title of each opened report is now displayed in the title bar instead of displaying static title "Report Viewer". So now you can see list of open reports from window menu easily. 14. Bug fix: General ledger report - exception occurs when report is viewed and debit or credit note records are present for selected ledger account. 15. Bug fix: From Data copy window, records from one company to other company were not copying to product initial stock properly. This was causing products not to appear on product initial stock window in the new company.
16. Lot of internal framework changes (not visible to end users). These changes helps us to make customer specific changes in the software.

CraveInvoice - 11th May 2013
1. Added round off option in service invoice.
2. Added ability to transfer stock for all warehouses in next financial year.
3. Added ability to view due / overdue days on the invoice due window for each invoice in the list.
4. Minor improvements and bug fixes

CraveInvoice - 5th May 2013
1. Bug Fix: In case of multiple companies, email settings were not getting saved properly.
2. Added unit quantity column in import data wizard.
3. Bug Fix: On other journal window - Total amount was not getting updated after modifying the record.
4. Bug Fix: If single quote mark is used in product group or any other master record then software used to crash.
5. Other minor improvements and bug fixes.

CraveInvoice - 22nd April 2013
1. Bug Fix: Incorrect opening and closing balance in individual customer due statement.
2. Added unit conversion tool.
3. Added ability to keep stock of a single item in multiple units with the help of unit conversion tool.
4. Other minor bug fixes.

CraveInvoice 1.8.3 - 7th April 2013
1. Financial year closing tool added in Accounting Pro edition.
2. Added revenue account selection on Account settings window.
3. Added ability to specify decimal points for quantity column.
4. Fixed bug in auto-upgrade process of database from old to new version.
5. Fixed bug in import data wizard tool where excel files were not getting imported properly.
6. Fixed issue: The payment term description was getting truncated in invoice, quotation and other reports.
7. Fixed bug for email settings. The email settings for multiple companies were not being read properly.
8. Other minor bug fixes.

CraveInvoice 1.8.2 - 12th Feb. 2013
1. Barcode inventory functionality added.
2. Customer price list can be specified now.
3. Barcode label printing tool added.
4. Advance amount added in proforma invoice.
5. Product brand and product company master added.
6. Import data tool now supports native excel format along with csv files.
7. Auto upgrade system added. Useful when installing new version over an old database.
8. A separate financial year selection is remembered now for each user login.
9. Program options window reorganized for better understanding and ease of use.
10. Service invoice is available for Non-Indian edition.

CraveInvoice 1.8.1 - 14th January 2013
1. Service Tax Master added.
2. Service Invoice - Option added to select service tax type from drop down list.
3. Service tax report now shown grouped by service tax type
4. Bug fix related with Indian currency
5. Report template designer UI minor improvements
6. Bug fix in inter-copy data copy
7. Bug fix in invoice print related with due amount - in case of multi-currency mode.

CraveInvoice 1.8 - 21st December 2012
1. Added proforma invoice.
2. Added inventory type column on product window.
3. Added Inter company data copy tool.
4. Added "status" column on Customer window which allows to keep customer account active, suspended or terminated.
5. Added "status" column on Product window
6. Added manufacturer column on Product window
7. Added ability to select multiple units and specify unit quantity on product, invoice and other windows
8. Other bug fixes and UI improvements
9. Added linking between quotation and invoice
10. Added support for amount in words for all countries
11. Added ability to add new record from the popup window while selecting a record.
12. Added discount column on service invoice.
13. Added ability to select ledger account on customer and supplier window rather than automatically adding it to current assets list.
14. Increased length of product code / sku to accumulate more data.

CraveInvoice - 26th September 2012
1. Added Sales Invoice List - Multicurrency Report.
2. Added status column and due amount column for invoice on existing records tab which shows whether the invoice has received payment or is due.
3. Added status column for purchase order on existing records tab which shows whether the purchase order is received or not.
4. Added ability to allow transactions for bank, cash journals and purchase journal payments with negative balance.
5. Added stock return note list report.
6. Ability to show second tax amount in words on invoice report.
7. It is now possible to change the database location from the program itself instead of changing it from the data.xml file.
8. Minor bug fixes.

CraveInvoice - 17th August 2012
1. Enabled delivery note printing from invoice window.
2. Bug Fix: On other invoice window - invoice printing was causing an error and printing was non-functional.

CraveInvoice 1.7.5 - 30th July 2012
1. Multiple currency functionality added. Now it is possible to create invoices, purchase orders in different currencies.
2. Added "Receive payment" button on "invoice due screen" and on "invoice window" to quickly save payment receipts for invoices.
3. Added "Receive Order" button on "purchase order screen" to quickly create stock receipt in one step.
4. Now user can send email to customer's email-id without typing it manually. It will be automatically selected from customers database.
5. On Import data screen - now default supplier for the product can also be imported from excel sheet.
6. On Import data screen - added option to "replace existing data" while importing same data from excel sheet.
7. Added ability to delete multiple records from existing records tab on all data entry screens.
8. Production entry screen - added "Notes" data column.
9. Increased length of "unit" data column to 30 characters.
10. Product screen - added ability to click on the picture thumbnail to view original product picture size.
11. Added ability to batch print for "service invoice" (INDIA edition).
12. Added auto-update facility directly integrated in the software.
13. Price column on "product window" is not mandatory anymore.
14. It is now possible to use month and year in invoice and other documents number series.
15. Bug Fix: while selecting products (if "[" is entered) from the drop down, an error used to occur and the application used to close without any chance to save the data.
16. Added "copy record" functionality which allows you to copy existing record and create a new one with some modifications.
17. Added ability to resize "stock on hand" window.
18. Stock on hand window - ability to sort on the product list by code / sku, product name, stock quantity and stock amount.
19. Other minor bug fixes.

CraveInvoice - 6th July 2012
1. Improvement: Added round off amount on invoice.
2. Improvement: Added payment mode for sale invoice. Now you can decide whether the invoice's payment should be received in cash or as credit (later on).

CraveInvoice 1.7.4 - 21st June 2012
1. Bug Fix: Service invoices were not appearing on invoice due window.
2. Improvement: Added product level tax on product window and it is fetched automatically when product is selected on quotation or invoice.
3. Bug Fix: Advance settlement window - It was possible to do settlement for advance receipt exceeding the settlement due amount.
4. Improvement: Added label printing tool for customers.
5. Improvement: Added Monthly stock statement report.
6. Improvement: Added ability to view stock of any previous date on stock on hand report.
7. Improvement: Added facility to save picture for each product and print it on quotation or invoice if required.
8. Improvement: Added facility to create service quotation.
9. Improvement: It is now possible to automatically save product and customer to the respective database from quotation and invoice window.
10. Improvement: Ability to import initial stock while importing products for first time.
11. Improvement: Ability to resize company logo as required from Company window.
12. Improvement: Stock receipt window - Whenever a purchase order is selected, all pending products will be displayed at a glance.

CraveInvoice - 25th May 2012
1. Bug Fix: The discount percent was not being considered for VAT calculation when VAT is specified on product line.

CraveInvoice - 10th May 2012
1. Improvement: Allowed to save same company name with different address in case of branch office address.
2. Improvement: Improved first run wizard.
3. Improvement: Improved report template designer so as to easily add additional data fields.
4. Improvement: Added ageing invoice due list report for customers.
5. Bug Fix: In Sales Tax Report, it now appears even if tax 1 is not present and only tax 2 is present.

CraveInvoice - 27th April 2012
1. Improvement: Added settlement due amount column in Advance from Customer report.
2. Improvement: Added a new report to view paid invoice list for a particular customer.
3. Improvement: A new report added to view received payment against invoice between specified date range.
4. Bug Fix: In Sales by Customer report, the defined period from parameters window used to appear incorrect.
5. Bug Fix: On invoice window, the net amount was not changing after deleting a particular product from the list.
6. Bug Fix: On Batch Print window, records from previous financial period used to appear, creating confusion while selection of records.

CraveInvoice 1.7.3 - 21st April 2012
1. Improvement: Added multiple product price change tool
2. Improvement: In Enterprise edition, Stock location is now displayed by default on Invoice, Stock Receipt, Delivery Challan and Stock Return Note window. No need to select it from drop down.
3. Improvement: A new report added to view received payment against invoice between specified date range.
4. Bug Fix: Advance settlement window - If a receipt is already settled against invoice then it used to appear again in drop down list. Now it does not appear.
5. Bug Fix: An error message used to show up while importing products into the software database from a CSV/excel file.
6. Bug Fix: While generating invoice or quotation number for a new financial period, it used to show message about duplicate number whereas it should allow same number generation for different financial period. Now Fixed.

CraveInvoice - 20th March 2012
1. Added sales order data entry window in Pro edition
2. Stock calculation method (Enterprise edition) improved to speed up the display of current stock with large number of products
3. Added monetary unit for all currencies for "amount in words" data column on reports.
4. Added customer selection for sales invoices due report

CraveInvoice - 21st February 2012
1. Added phone numbers, fax number, email and mobile number to all report templates (quotation, invoice etc.)
2. Fix: It was not able to run on 64-bit Windows 7 / Vista or XP
3. Fix: Error occurs when printing quotation for non-us regional settings

CraveInvoice 1.7.1 - 11th February 2012
1. Added customer phone numbers on delivery challan template
2. Improvement on getting started wizard
3. Fix: Incorrect grand total problem on sales by customer report
4. Fix: Import data wizard was importing product data incorrectly

CraveInvoice 1.7 - 28th January 2012
1. Added order no. / order date on service invoice
2. Added sales person on invoice report (print mode)
3. Added sales tax amount (in words) on other invoice report format
4. Now same customer name with different address can be created
5. Added group selection on product price list report
6. Minor bugs fixed

CraveInvoice 1.6 - 23rd Nov. 2011
1. Expense management module added
2. Fix: Sales by region report
3. Minor bugs fixed

CraveInvoice 1.5 - 23rd May 2011
1. Added service tax invoice
2. added customer statement report
3. added stock ledger report
4. FOC invoice added
5. document number can be either auto generated or entered manually
6. quantity can be entered with decimal points
7. BUGFIX: numpad keys were not working when typed
8. minor bugs fixed

CraveInvoice 1.4 - 21st April 2011
1. Added delivery challan - Indian edition
2. Allowed to display logo on main window
3. Report templates more flexible and customizable
4. Minor bugs fixed

CraveInvoice Enterprise 1.3 - 9th March 2011
Inventory tracking and management included in this version. All previous versions skipped.

CraveInvoice Pro 1.0 - 19th January 2011
First Public Release