Annual Maintenance Contract Declaration

Here we are providing details of CraveInvoice software annual / yearly maintenance contract and why it is required.

Please note that it is compulsory to sign yearly maintenance contract between us, if you are purchasing CraveInvoice software from our company or any of our official partners across the world. The agreement commences from the purchase date and every year from the renewal date up to 1 year. The agreement may extend to 1 or more years depending on the clauses between client and our company.

It is obvious that we cannot provide free technical support or software updates as we have to maintain several highly skilled technical support engineers and experienced developers to handle the support requests across the world. To keep CraveInvoice software up to date and to provide on time, regular support, we have a dedicated set of people in multiple locations.

The maintenance contract is not optional. And we regret to inform that without a proper maintenance contract, we will not be in a position to provide you any kind of support, nor we can give you software updates. No software complaints from the client will be accepted of any kind without a contract.

Following are the benefits of getting into a yearly maintenance contract.

1. Get new software version updates which gives new features, bug fixes and statutory reports.

2. On time software support either online or on-site depending on the contract.

3. Detailed software training and technical know-how.

4. Handling of regular software problems such as reinstallations in case of system crash, data corruptions.

5. Report design and updations.

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Contacting Us

If there are any questions regarding software contract, you may contact us.

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