About us

Our company is founded in 2011 and now we have 3000+ happy clients across the world. We provide enterprise IT solutions to manufacturing companies, distributors and service organizations in India as well as Abroad.

We also sell off-the-shelf enterprise software targeted at small to medium size business organizations.

Business and ERP Software

We provide business and enterprise software mostly to manufacturing industry and people involved in trading (distribution) as well as job-work business. We offer the software system on desktop, web and mobile platforms.

CraveInvoice is one of our business software targeted at small to large size business owners. It includes modules such as sales,purchase,accounts,inventory,production,payroll,quality control,maintenance,visitor system,point of sale and more.

Our Business Vision

As a company, our vision is to be first choice for business and enterprise software applications among small to large size business owners and entrepreneurs.

We would like to build an organization that would outlast our lives and a strong inclination towards being driven by values.

Our Values

Even while we embark on the roadmap that we have set ourselves, we seek to uphold the values that define the nature of our relationships with each other and with our stakeholders. Simply put, they are:

Integrity: We will stick to our commitments whatever it costs.

Excellence: Our continuing drive to be the very best that we can be.

People: Pools of talent that is looking for opportunities. We will provide an environment of leadership and transparency.

Customer: Exceeding expectations through dedication and high quality.

Learning: Change is constant so our plan is to thrive on it.