CraveInvoice Software Help Guide
Receiving ordered items

The Stock Receipt Entry form can be used to create receipt of items from suppliers or vendors. The receipt can be against purchase order or directly without order reference. The items included in the receipt will show updated stock in inventory reports after the receipt is saved.

1. Go to Inventory and select Stock Receipt menu.

2. Receipt number and Receipt date will be displayed automatically. You can change the receipt date if required. Receipt number is generated based on the settings from Document numbers form.

3. Type the Reference number which can refer to supplier's invoice number or delivery note number.

4. Select Supplier Name from drop down list.

5. Select the Purchase Order number from drop down list. After selecting the order, all items included in the order will be displayed in the list.

6. Specify the received quantity for each displayed item. The quantity can be either full or partial as received.

7. Select the Warehouse Name from the drop down list. A warehouse name is displayed by default when you open the form but you can change it if needed.

8. Click Save button.

Notes: In a receipt, the received quantity cannot be more than ordered quantity. If you do not want to validate the ordered quantity against the received quantity then do not select the order number at the time of creating the Stock Receipt Entry.

To quickly create a stock receipt, click on the Receive order button on the purchase order form. You will see the Stock Receipt entry form with all the details of the selected order. Click Save button to save the receipt.