CraveInvoice Software Help Guide
Creating Stock Conversion Entry

When to use: This form gives you an alternate method of creating new products without creating a bill of material or production order. You can directly select the raw material items and the quantity to be deducted for a particular product.

Step 1: Go to inventory menu and click stock conversion entry menu.

Step 2: On the stock conversion form, select the Warehouse name from which the raw material item quantity will be deducted.

Step 3: Using select item button, select one or more items from the item list and specify the quantity for each item.

Step 4: In convert to section, select item from the drop down list which will be added to inventory.

Step 5: Specify the product quantity and select the warehouse from the list in which inventory will be added.

Last Step: After filling in all the details, click Save button to save stock conversion entry.