CraveInvoice Software Help Guide
Creating Stock Adjustment Entry

When to use: This form can be used to do the addition and deduction of inventory items in case the items are misplaced, lost, stolen or any other suitable reason.

Step 1: Go to inventory menu and click stock adjustment entry menu.

Step 2: On the stock adjustment entry form, select the Warehouse name from which the item quantity will be deducted. A default warehouse is already selected.

Step 3: Using select item button, select one or more items and specify quantity either for addition or deduction.

Step 4: In notes, you can put some remark which mentions why the adjustment is being done so that you don't have to recall it from your memory.

Last Step: After filling in all the details, click Save button to save stock adjustment entry.

Note: You can also do stock adjustment quickly from the stock in hand form. There is a button on the form for stock adjustment.