CraveInvoice Software Help Guide
Setup document numbers

Document number or number sequence setting allows you to specify the number generation format (e.g. INV0001 or PO2017001 etc.) for your invoice, sales quote or other documents.

Follow the steps below to change the document number setting.

1 .Click Setup and select Document Numbers from the menu.

2. On the document numbers form, identify the document type (e.g. invoice or purchase order) for which you would like to update the number setting.

3. Set Generate mode to AUTO if you want to generate numbers automatically or set as MANUAL if you want to type it yourself.

4. Type the Prefix for the number. If it is an invoice then you can type INV or anything else you prefer.

5. Specify the first number to be generated if you do not want to start from 1.

6. Specify the counter length which determines the number of zeros before the number. For example, if you type 4 then the number will have 4 digits (0001).

7. Click Save button.

Note: It is recommended to specify document numbers for all documents before you begin the actual data entry. Once a document number is generated in one specific format then you cannot change the document number prefix and first number otherwise it will create problem while generating the numbers.