CraveInvoice Software Help Guide
Creating sales quotes

Sale quote form allows you to create and send the estimates or quotes to your customers.

To create a Sales Quote, follow the steps below.

1. Go to Invoicing and select Sales Quote.

2. Quote number and quote date will be generated automatically.

3. Reference number is optional but you can mention anything related to the client in reference such as email id etc.

4. Specify Validity date. This is the date until the sales quote is valid.

5. Select the Tax Desc. from the drop down list. If no tax is applicable then you can leave it.

6. Select Customer Name from the drop down list.

7. Click Select item button to select the items from drop down list.

8. Specify the Quantity

9. Type the Price of the item. If you have specified the price on Items form then you will not need to type here. It will be displayed automatically.

10. Select Payment terms from the drop down list. It is optional to do so.

11. Specify Discount and Shipping Cost if applicable.

12. Click Save button.