CraveInvoice Software Help Guide
Creating sales invoices

Sales invoice form can be used to record sales item sales.

To create a Sales Invoice, follow the steps below.

1. Go to Invoicing and click Sales Invoice.

2. Invoice number and Invoice date will be generated automatically. You can manually change the invoice date to something else if required.

3. Type the Order number and Order date. This is optional.

4. Select the correct Tax Desc. from drop down list if tax is applicable to you.

5. Select the Customer name from the drop down list.

6. Select the Warehouse name from the drop down list. This is required only if you want to track the inventory.

7. Click Select item button to select item from the Item master list. Item price is displayed automatically for the item. You can type it if you need to.

8. Specify the Payment terms. This is optional.

9. Specify Discount and Shipping cost if applicable.

10. Click Save button.