CraveInvoice Software Help Guide
Minimum stock management

Note: Minimum stock quantity and reorder quantity can be specified for each item while adding items to the item database.

Once you specify minimum stock for each item, the software will be able to identify and show items having current stock below minimum stock level.

View minimum stock items

To view minimum stock items, go to inventory menu and click View MSL items command. A list will be displayed for items having current stock below minimum level quantity. You can also print this list for your reference. If you wish to create purchase orders for these items then click on create purchase orders button.

Auto create purchase orders for minimum stock items

Follow the steps below to create purchase orders with minimum efforts for items having minimum stock.

1: Go to inventory menu and click reorder MSL items command.

2: On the reorder window, you will be able to see list of all the MSL items.

3: The software will automatically display reorder quantity, default supplier name, discount and purchase rate for each item. You need to verify if thats what you need or you can change it as required.

4: Click Create Purchase Orders button. The software will the generate purchase orders which will be grouped (one order for each supplier) by supplier and items.

Hint: You can use batch print tool to print all the purchase orders generated in single instance.

Hint: All auto generated purchase orders can be modified from the purchase order window, if required.