CraveInvoice Software Help Guide
Importing data from excel

Please follow the steps below to import your data from excel spreadsheet in CraveInvoice software.

1. Click on Setup and select Import data. The import data form will be displayed.

2. Select file type as Excel file if not already selected.

3. To import, choose between Customers, Items or Suppliers.

4. Click the Choose File button to select the excel file.

5. The data from excel spreadsheet will be displayed in the data sheet.

6. The first row in the data sheet (highlighted in yellow) is used to map the column with data field. Click on drop down button in first row of each column and choose the appropriate field from the list. e.g. if your first column in data sheet is item code then choose Item Code from the drop down list.

7. Once all the fields are mapped to columns then click Import Data button. If the mapping is correct and if the data is properly validated then software will import data into master tables so if you import items from excel sheet then you will be able to see it from items form.