CraveInvoice Software Help Guide
Install on multiple computers or a network
(version 2.6.1 or higher)

CraveInvoice supports Microsoft Access and SQL Server database. By default, the database is Microsoft Access. The database folder is c:\craveinvoicedata.

The instructions below applies to configuration of Microsoft access database. For SQL Server setup, please email us at We will share the instructions as it involves sending you SQL server database files from us.

There are 2 major steps to make CraveInvoice work in a network.

1. Share the folder from first computer or server computer.

2. Install the software on other computers and link to shared folder from first or server computer.

Share the folder from first computer or server computer.

1. Open My Computer and locate the folder c:\craveinvoicedata

2. Right-click on the folder and click Properties.

3. Open Sharing tab and click on Share button. Check if Everyone user is present in the list. If not, select Everyone from the list and click Add button.

4. Under the permission level column for Everyone, Click the black down arrow and click on Read/Write.

5. Click Share button and then click Done button.

6. Go to Security tab and click Edit button.

7. In groups or user names list, click on each user (the one who uses the software) and make sure each user or group has full permission to the folder. You can check/apply the permission in permissions section.

8. Click OK button on Security Tab.

9. Click Close button on Properties tab.

10. The database folder is shared with full permissions to all users now.

Install the software on other computer and link to shared folder from first or server computer

1. Run CraveInvoice setup file on the other/client computer.

2. Follow the setup wizard and complete the installation. After setup is complete, please dont run the software. We will have to map the database folder first.

3. Click Start menu and locate CraveInvoice program group. Click on the Database setup shortcut. This will open the database setup tool.

4. Once the database setup tool is opened, you will have to specify the folder path for database and reports both.

5. By default, the Database path and Report path is set to c:\craveinvoicedata. Change the path to look something like below.
Database path: \\COMPUTER1\craveinvoicedata
Report path: \\COMPUTER1\craveinvoicedata\reports
Please note that, here \\COMPUTER1 needs to be replaced with actual computer name.

6. Click on Test Connection button. If everything goes well, you will get a test Successful message otherwise connection test will fail.

7. Click Save button.

8. Now if you start CraveInvoice, it will show data from the first or server computer which has shared folder.

You can repeat the above steps on any number of computers to run CraveInvoice using shared database.