CraveInvoice Software Help Guide
Creating Items

Item master contains all inventory and non-inventory items including your products, raw material, service items and others. After adding items in the master, you will not need to type anything again when creating sales quotes or invoices. You can select from the drop down list.

To create a new item, follow the steps below.

Click BasicInputs menu and select Items to open the Items form.

1. Click New button.

2. Choose Item Type from the list.

3. Type the Item Code. This code can be a alphanumberic number supplied by your manufacturer or defined by you if you produce the item.

4. Type the Item Name.

5. Select Item Group. A group name is not compulsory.

6. Select Unit of measurement.

7. Type the Item Price and Discount % for the price.

8. Click Save button to save the item.

Note: The Item form has more fields than we used above. But all other fields are optional. You can use those fields if needed. For example, you can specify Item Rate if you create purchase orders ir you can specify Default Supplier and MSL quantity so reordering of items below minimum stock level can be done automatically.

Import items from Excel: Click here to know more about importing items.