CraveInvoice Software Help Guide
Debit notes

Debit Note form can be used to create debit notes for customers.

To create or modify the Debit Note, go to Accounting menu and click on "Debit Note" menu command.

Follow the steps below to create Debit Note.

1. Journal number and journal date will be generated automatically. You can manually change the journal date to something else if required.

2. Next step is to select one or more ledger accounts. Click "Select Ledger Account" button to select the ledger accounts from the list. For each ledger account, you need to click on "Select Ledger Account" button. For each ledger account, please specify the debit or credit amount. Automatically the account code will be fetched.

3. Optionally you can mention the additional details in the notes text box if required.

4. Verify all the details and click Save button.

Once your data entry is complete, click Save button.