CraveInvoice Software Help Guide
Creating cash memo

Its a document being prepared by seller for buyer for hand to hand cash transactions of goods or items.

To create or modify the Cash Memo, go to Invoicing menu and click on "Cash Memo" menu command.

Data Entry

Create new record: Follow the steps to make Cash Memo.


1. Invoice number and invoice date can be generated automatically. You can manually change the date to something else if required.

2. Select the warehouse name from the warehouse drop down list.

3. Tax Description - Once you will need to select a tax structure(if applicable) from the drop down list as per the tax requirement for the cash memo. Once you select it, tax rate will be displayed automatically along with calculation but you will need to specify rate and quantity before the tax is calculated.

4. Select the customer name from the drop down list. Customer's address will be fetched automatically from the customer master, you can change it here if you need to.

5. Select the sales person name from the sales person drop down list.

6. Next step is to select one or more items. Click "Select item" button to select the items from the list. For each item, you need to click on "Select item" button. For each item, please specify the quantity to be billed. Rate will be fetched from item master by default but you can change it if you needed.

7. In calculation section, specify discount if applicable. Discount can be specified in percentage or value.

8. Optionally you can mention the additional details in the notes text box if required.

9. Verify all the details and click Save button.

Once your data entry is complete, click Save button.

Note: To know more about each data field on the Cash Memo form, refer to the data fields section below in this topic.

Modify Cash Memo :To modify a Cash memo record, go to all records tab and select a cash memo record from the list that you wish to update. Click modify button. On the add/modify tab, you can now make the changes to the selected cash memo record and click save button.

Delete Cash Memo :You can select the cash memo to be deleted from all the records list tab and click Delete button. You can also select multiple cash memo with the mouse by dragging it over the list or using Ctrl + left mouse. Once selected, click Delete button.

Print Cash Memo :When you save a record it will show a message "Do you want to print the invoice?" then you can click "Yes" if you want to print otherwise click "No". If you click "No" to print in the message then you can go to all records tab and select a record from the list that you wish to print. Click Print button.

Add Blank Row: To add more items which is not present in master, you can click on Add blank row button to add the blank row and then you can type the item details.

Delete Row: If you want to delete the row, you can select the row and click on Delete Row button.