CraveInvoice Software Help Guide
Barcode label printing tool

CraveInvoice allows you to design the barcode labels. Following are the steps to generate the barcode labels:

1. Create item from item master E.g. Test item with item code 001.

Note: IN item code you cannot give any special characters like ( ! @ # $ ^ & * ( ) ' "" ; : _ + = ' ' { } [ ] ).

As we are creating the barcode from the item code, barcode type ‘Code 39’ will not support to special characters.

2. Go to Inventory menu, select “Barcode Printing Tool”.

3. On label designs, select the barcode type as “Code 39” or any barcode type you need. Then type number of labels per row.

4. Go to the tab “Data Source”. Here you can see all items available from item master which can be used to generate labels.

5. Also define the count which specifies the number of copies of each barcode label.

6. Click on “Preview Report” button to print the barcode labels.

Note: If you opt out to generate barcode labels from other sources then you don’t need to bother about barcode label generator. Just make sure your item code matches with barcode label value.

Barcode Label Printing Tool