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CraveInvoice Software is GST ready!

We are happy to announce a new CraveInvoice update. We have released CraveInvoice 2.7 today.

The new update comes with important changes for GST (Goods and Services Tax) which makes CraveInvoice compatible with new GST rules and regulations in India.


In the new version:

1) You will be able generate Tax Invoice with new updated GST invoice template.

2) You will be able to mention HSN code and tax details for each item on the invoice.

3) Import customers and suppliers with GSTIN number from excel sheet.

4) Import items with HSN code and new tax rates from excel sheet.

5) New Tax Report for GST with all details of invoices.

How to Download?

You can download new version using link below.

Download New Update

If you have any questions or doubts then please call on 77739 22639 or email at If you are an existing user then please get in touch with us for an upgrade.


This update is the first update for GST related changes. We will keep the software updated as and when required during next few months.

The next update will be released soon with changes for Debit Note, Credit Note, Bill of Supply and also facility to submit monthly, quarterly and annual tax return from within the software.

Online business ideas for 2017 – Part I

With exponential growth in Internet usage and mobile device accessibility across the globe, it is quite obvious that most people who want to get into a business will also think about online presence of their business.

Apart from this, in case of certain businesses it is possible to run the business entirely online from your own website or from YouTube channel or from an eCommerce portal like eBay, FlipKart, Amazon, SnapDeal etc.

In this part, we will focus on educational video business.

Educational videos

Education Videos


There is a huge demand for information and knowledge sharing these days. From kids to elders, everybody want to learn something new whatever may be the purpose including for college or school projects, business seminars, office meetings and so on.

So you can pick a niche that you understand very well and if you have some experience in that domain then it is possible for you to make educational videos for the domain / niche.

You can start a YouTube channel and start making videos. You will have to enable monetization on your videos from your YouTube account settings to generate revenue from advertisements.

Here are some basic tips for making your YouTube channel successful.

  • Do not copy the video ideas from other YouTube channel. Try to be as original and unique as possible.
  • If you record yourself in the video then use a professional camera and some kind of lighting. At least a high mega pixel point and shoot camera will do a good job.
  • Use a good video editing software like Sony Vegas or Adobe Premiere Pro.
  • If you are recording video with the audio and not using voice-over then make sure the audio is clean and audible.

There is tremendous competition in educational video channels and websites so you will have to be prepared for that if you are starting new and have no previous experience.

But if you make useful videos with clear title, concise and high quality contents then it is possible to make the video business work for you.

Apart from YouTube you can also create paid video channels on Vimeo. This video streaming website works in a different way when it comes to watching quality content. You can charge for paid videos on subscription basis on Vimeo.

In next blog post, we will learn about another interesting way of starting an online business.

For any online or traditional business, you can use CraveInvoice accounting software to keep track of your business sales, purchase and expenses. To know more about the software, please start your free trial.


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