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CraveInvoice released

It is great to announce new version of CraveInvoice software with lot of improvements and bug fixes.

You can download it from the updates page:

In this release:
1. Route/area tracking on invoice and report to see sales by area or route.
2. In case of custom serial number – auto generation option is added so items can be counted in invoice.
3. Added Job work module.
4. Validation added in Accounting module for incorrect ledger account selections, accidental deletion of accounts.
5. Validation – if serial number tracking is enabled for an item then it is not possible to take in or take out item from inventory without mentioning serial number. This is done to avoid stock quantity and serial number mismatch.
6. Validation – bank/cash/adjustment journals – the totals will always match or it wont save.
7. Validation added – Account Setting form – Only asset accounts can be selected on the cash/bank account setting tab.
8. User manager – email id added and option added on setting form so that all emails will go to the admin email
9. User manager – permissions copy option added so another user permissions can be copied while creating new users
10. Warranty date added on Invoice.
11. New report – Item warranty report to check items under warranty and out of warranty.
12. Bug fix: Payment receipt form – if multiple receipt entries are deleted then related bank journal records were not getting deleted properly.
13. POS invoice is redesigned for full screen usage.
14. Income statement – Expense groups added on the report.
15. Bug fix : Purchase journal – if a record is modified for amount then due amount is not updated properly.
16. Bug fix : Purchase journal – delete row button was not working when modifying a journal.
17. Bug fix: SMS was sent even if the checkbox on text message setting is unchecked for invoice.
18. Update: Credit notes now affects the invoice due amount and debit notes affect purchase journal due amount.
19. Bug fix: Purchase journal – Stock receipts which are already selected on previous journals dont show up again.
20. Improvement: Tax inclusive option on invoice forms dont need exclude tax button now. It works automatically.
21. Bug fix: Supplier/customer statement used to show multiple entries for same journal in case adjust amount button is used.
22. Bug fix: Customer/supplier ledger if printed shows multiple pages for same customer.
23. Update: Alt + R sets focus on item name on all forms now this is useful in case user want to quick search item from popup.
24. Update: Payment advice now shows both due amount and paid amount for each invoice.
25. Search function added on text message sender tool.
26. Customer and supplier statement – Added notes field below transaction type in report.

If you have any questions or doubts. Please email us at

CraveInvoice Software is GST ready!

We are happy to announce a new CraveInvoice update. We have released CraveInvoice 2.7 today.

The new update comes with important changes for GST (Goods and Services Tax) which makes CraveInvoice compatible with new GST rules and regulations in India.


In the new version:

1) You will be able generate Tax Invoice with new updated GST invoice template.

2) You will be able to mention HSN code and tax details for each item on the invoice.

3) Import customers and suppliers with GSTIN number from excel sheet.

4) Import items with HSN code and new tax rates from excel sheet.

5) New Tax Report for GST with all details of invoices.

How to Download?

You can download new version using link below.

Download New Update

If you have any questions or doubts then please call on 77739 22639 or email at If you are an existing user then please get in touch with us for an upgrade.


This update is the first update for GST related changes. We will keep the software updated as and when required during next few months.

The next update will be released soon with changes for Debit Note, Credit Note, Bill of Supply and also facility to submit monthly, quarterly and annual tax return from within the software.

CraveInvoice received Rising Star and Great User Experience award from FinancesOnline

We are happy to announce a great news!

CraveInvoice Accounting software has received a Rising Star Award and Great User Experience award from one of the most trusted and popular analytical review platform –

risingstar userexperience2017


The Rising Star Award is given to products that are new in the market but has slowly slowly started gaining popularity among the customers.

The Great User Experience award is given to products based on number of different factors. One of the important factor is easy of use of the software total time required to learn the software basics and get started.

Another factor is the user interface design. How intuitive is the software design and it’s work flow when using the software.

As per the review done by the FinancesOnline, “CraveInvoice has very minimalist and clutter-free user-friendly interface, which makes it easy for all types of  users to understand the software features and tools in a short amount of time.”

You can visit the CraveInvoice review page on FinancesOnline website and post your own review / feedback for CraveInvoice which will motivate us to do better as the time goes by.

We sincerely appreciate the efforts taken by FinancesOnline team to put a review of CraveInvoice software and consider it among one of the best accounting software in the industry.

We will strive to do our best to evolve CraveInvoice into the most beautiful and easy accounting software. We would like to thank our valuable customers for choosing CraveInvoice as their preferred business tool.

CraveInvoice was not only distinguished as one of the best invoicing software services, but also listed among the most popular accounting & finance tools to be considered in 2017. There, our system is praised for its capacity to help users track payments and expenses, return notes, bank and cash journals, and produce detailed reports on their activities.



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