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CraveInvoice Released

We are happy to announce new update of CraveInvoice software. Version released on 2nd September 2019 with following changes.
1. Bug Fix: Adjustment entries were not reflecting in supplier statement.
2. Bug Fix: TDS report for sales and purchase were showing wrong calculation.
3. Bug Fix: Sales return note records were not visible in stock ledger.
4. Update: Sales order list with items report updated to show itemwise amount.
5. Update: State drop down added on new customer popup form (+ button on invoice form).
6. Bug Fix: on Invoice due form , if only invoices are there and if receive payment button clicked it won’t get selected on Receipt form.
7. Bug Fix: Purchase order drop down on purchase journal form when selected, adds an extra row.
8. Update: Added duplicate invoice number validation on purchase journal form.

If you are using version or newer version then from help menu you can check for updates and download new version. For clients using older version, please get in touch with our support team.

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