CraveInvoice Software Help Guide
Making supplier or vendor payments

A Purchase journal records purchase entry and posts to general ledger. You can create a purchase journal with reference to a purchase order or without an order.

To open the Purchase Journal form, go to Accounting and click Purchase Journal.

1. Click New button.

2. Journal number is generated automatically. If you have set it to manual mode then you will need to type it.

3. Journal date is displayed automatically. You can change it if you are making previous date entries.

4. Select the Supplier name from the drop down list.

5. Select the Order number from list if you want to reference this journal to an order.

6. Specify the Bill number and Bill date you received from your supplier.

7. Select Tax Desc. if it is different from the one selected on Purchase order.

8. Journal status will be automatically updated after the purchase journal is posted. By default it is Not Paid.

9. If you have not selected Purchase Order then type the Basic amount, Discount, Tax and Shipping Amount.

10. Click Save button.

Make Purchase Journal Payment

1. From the purchase journal list, locate the journal for payment and click Make Payment button.

2. On the Make payment form, choose the payment mode to Cash or Bank.

3. If you select Bank mode then select Bank name from the drop down list.

4. Type the Ref. no. It is the cheque number in case of Bank mode.

5. Type the Amount to be paid. You can type full or partial amount as needed.

6. Click Save button.

Note: A bank payment journal will be created automatically with reference to the selected purchase journal after the payment is done. You can view the journal from the Bank Journal list.