CraveInvoice Software Help Guide
Creating purchase orders

You can create Purchase Order to record a purchase from a vendor or supplier. It is necessary to add all items in Item Master first. After that it is easy to create purchase orders for those items.

To open purchase order form, Go to Inventory and click Purchase Order.

1. Click New button.

2. Order number is generated automatically. If you have set it to manual mode then you will need to type it.

3. Order date is displayed automatically. You can change it if you are making previous date entries.

4. You can type in the Reference number for the order. It is optional.

5. Select the correct Tax Desc. from drop down list if tax is applicable to you.

6. Click Supplier name drop down list to select the supplier.

7. Click Select item button to select item from the Item master list. Item rate is displayed automatically for the item.

8. Put the Quantity for the item.

9. Repeat step 7 and 8 if you want to select more items.

10. Total calculation for the order is done automatically. You can type in the Discount % and Shipping Amount if it is applicable to the order.

11. Click Save button.

Open orders: If you want to keep the purchase order open then check the option Mark as open order. Open orders can receive items for unlimited period and order quantity does not matter in this case.

Printing the purchase order: When you save the purchase order, software will prompt you to print the order. If you choose No at that time then you can go to All records list and select the order record then click the Print button.

Email the purchase order: From the purchase order list, choose the order to email and click on the Email button. On the send email dialog, software will display supplier email address automatically. You can type in the Message and send the email.