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CraveInvoice update released

We are glad to release new version with lot of updates.

This version updates as below.

1. New feature: Multiple purchase order selection for stock receipts.
2. Option to hide inventory values from stock in hand and stock reports for selected users.
3. Option to select supplier for received order list report.
4. Option to drill down on account balance form to detailed show ledger and data entry forms.
5. Added field “Aging days” in customer statement report.
6. Cash discount field added for purchase journal.
7. Line discount option added for export invoice.
8. Bug fix: TDS calculation will be calculated only for service items now.
9. Item history report button added on item form to show delivery notes, invoices and all other records for the item.
10. Purchase journal form – added eway bill number and vehicle number fields.
11. Added option to select item tag on item form to identify non-inventory items used for shipping , insurance, freight and so on.
12. Item form – added income ledger account field to post the revenue amount for the item to respective ledger accounts.
13. Sales report for routewise sales improved to show total sales, itemwise sales, daily payment collection etc.
14. Option added on sales person form to specify itemwise commission as well as single commission.
15. Sales person commission report added.
16. Report scheduler form added which can be used to configure reports to auto-email to specific person at specific time.
17. Search option added on customer and supplier due forms.
18. Due days added in customer dues report (printed from customer dues form).
19. Bug fix: Only pending sales orders will be visible on delivery notes.
20. Other minor bug fixes and improvements.

All licensed users can use Check for updates menu to update to new version. Please make sure you are not using a customized version since customisations with update need to be updated manually.

Please leave the feedback in comments for the new version.

CraveInvoice new features

We are releasing version 2.6.2 soon. Currently it is being tested for final release.

The new version will include features mentioned below.

  1. If batch tracking is enabled then it will be possible to select multiple batches and specify different item price for the same item. This was not possible earlier.
  2. Item Issue entry form will be renamed to Item Adjustment Entry form. You will also be able to record inventory wastage from this form which will reflect in stock reports.
  3. You will be able to reset the database for a particular company and year. This will be useful if you want to discard data and make a fresh start or if you want to delete really old data that you do not really care about.
  4. CraveInvoice will support GST changes including new invoice template, HSN code and updated tax structure.
  5. Other minor improvements and bug fixes.

If you have any suggestions for the software then please leave it in comments below.

CraveInvoice 2.6.1 released

We have recently updated CraveInvoice software.

The new version 2.6.1 comes with some updates and fixes. The changes list as below.

1. Prices can be specified for multiple item batches. These prices will be used while invoicing those items.
2. Purchase Journal – multiple currency selection added.
3. Option added to update item rate from purchase order to item master data.
4. Option added to calculate amount on invoice using box quantity or total unit quantity.
5. Individual customer statement report – can be viewed for all customers at once.
6. User manager – a user can be restricted from using data from a particular company.
7. Performance improvement for Invoices Due report.
8. Bug Fix: Error on delivery note form if item batch printing is enabled.
9. Line discount can be specified as lump sum amount and as percent both.
10. Minor bug fixes and improvements.

You can download updated version from the link below


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